Every Day Compassion Project is committed to spreading the power of compassion. It began when founder and Executive Director, Rahbin Shyne, invited her students to join in taking the compassion challenge Celebrating a History of Compassion. The February challenge merges compassionate action with an celebration of compassionate African-Americans. After witnessing the impact playing the game had on students and friends, she began working with other schools to implement compassion games on their campuses, and now served as the Education Coach for Compassion Games International.

Executive Director

As an educator, author, speaker and compassion advocate with two decades educating at-risk youth, Shyne has witnessed first-hand the amazing impact small acts of compassion have in changing lives and creating new, empowering futures. Ranking in the top three percent of educators, Shyne is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) and Designated Master Teacher in the Long Beach Unified School District.

Rahbin Shyne is a native of Long Beach, California where she resides with her rescued Chihuahua, Chocolate. In addition to achieving National Board Certification as an educator, Shyne received her BA from Stanford University and her Juris Doctor from University of California School of Law.

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