Compassion on campus improves student outcomes.

In February 2014, I invited my students to take a 30 day compassion challenge. The results included better relationships with friends, family, peers and teachers. Students working in groups were more respectful with one another, more engaged and more willing to take risks.  Compassion games
  • improve student learning outcomes
  • build social and emotional skills
  • are easy to implement
  • can facilitate parent and community engagement with your campus
  • produce a collegial coopetition to do good.

Homerooms, Small Learning Communities, grade levels or clubs compete for doing the most good. Issue points for each dollar raised, pints of blood donated, hours of service and act of compassion. It's a great opportunity to build partnerships with community and parents for donated prizes.

School Climate Research
Research indicates that school climate may account for half of the variation in student outcomes from school to school. I invite you to give your campus' climate a boost with a school wide compassion game. 

October:  Make A Difference Fall Compassion Game
December:  The Giving Games,
February 2017:  Celebrating Compassion game is ready to go.
PowerPoint Presentation for CCEA Attendees.
Available through May 2016
Check out the list of schools and organizations partnering with the Charter for Compassion.